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Quality CPR specializes in Computer, Mac, Laptop motherboard repairs. Most motherboard repairs are completed the same day you bring in your damaged device. Repair Services are fast as well as affordable.

Water Damage

If your Computer, Mac, Laptop is suffering from water damage, visit Quality  CPR. We will perform a professional diagnostic to determine the extent of the damage, clean out the device, flush out any debris and test accordingly.

Keyboard Replacement

If Keyboard on your Mac, Laptop are malfunctioning or broken. Quality CPR provide professional repair services. We work quickly to fix the problem so that you never have to be without your Mac, Laptop for long.

Battery Replacement

An Mac, Laptop battery that won’t hold its charge can put a serious damper on your productivity. Luckily, Quality CPR performs professional Mac, Laptop battery replacements so that your Mac, Laptop can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Speaker Not Working

If your Mac, Laptop speaker is muffled, distorted, or simply producing no sound at all, you may be in need of a speaker repair or replacement. Trust the experts at Quality CPR to solve all of your Mac, Laptop audio issues.


Overheating issue simply by cleaning out the air vents with a smooth cloth or a keyboard cleaner. To prevent further dust clogging, Quality CPR to solve all of your Mac, Laptop overheating issues.


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